About Us

Providing our customers with the best quality of goods and services is more than an objective; it is a commitment to be the best among the best in the marketplace.


PT. Mujur Timber is founded in 1970 and sited in Medan where the Republic of Indonesian government had licensed HPH concession.
PT. Mujur Timber expanded its business by establishing more sawmills and getting other HPH concession licenses from the government.
In 1978, PT. Mujur Timber obtained the license to establish a plywood manufacturing plant in Sibolga, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra and started production in early 1981, which carried on with exporting in early 1982.


Since our establishment, we have been committed to provide products and services of the best quality, while also preserving the environment sustainability.


Providing our customers with the best quality of goods and services while ensuring a productive environment and sustainable forestry.


Our logs and products are strictly controlled through an Indonesian legal based system called SVLK. This is to ensure that all our resources are harvested, produced and distributed legally.


We have years of experience in producing premium quality plywood for export and a team of skillful quality control workers to ensure and maintain our high standard of products quality.


Once our plywood products have been sorted and graded, they will be packed and marked according to standard export requirements before delivery.